I need an estimate and may want to make an insurance claim?

Estimates are free, and are always priced, typed and either posted, faxed or emailed on the same
day that we view the vehicle.

Our computerised management and estimating system enables us to produce a breakdown of the repair cost, that we feel our customers will find a useful aid in deciding whether or not to make an insurance claim.

Should you decide to make an insurance claim, we provide a complete claims management service. All you need to do, in one telephone call, is confirm with your insurer that you wish to make a claim, and nominate us as your chosen repairer.

We will then:

  • Network, or email our repair estimate, together with images, to your insurer.
  • Make follow-up calls to confirm they have received our estimate, and to determine whether they would like to inspect your vehicle?
  • Arrange the inspection.
  • Agree repair costs with the inspecting engineer.
  • Book the vehicle in for repair at a time that suits both yourself and us.
  • If required, arrange for you to have one of our courtesy cars for the duration of the repair. If you have been involved in an accident that a known third party is responsible for, we can arrange a like-for-like replacement vehicle, at no cost to yourself.
  • Order any parts required for the repair – Please note that we use only genuine manufacturer’s parts.
  • Carry out the repair, and present the vehicle back to you fully cleaned and beautifully presented.

Other services we provide, include:

  • Recovery of undrivable or unroadworthy vehicles – if you are making a claim,we will invoice your insurer on this.
  • Uninsured loss recovery and personal injury assistance, by way of referral to a company that specialises in this area.
  • Total customer satisfaction, and a guarantee of our workmanship, in accordance with the requirements set out by the VBRA (Vehicle Builders & Repairers Association).


Tel: 01622 717818

Our estimates are always priced, typed and either posted, faxed or emailed on the same day that we view the vehicle.

Call Us: 01622 717818